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Managed Forex Investments, Let Skilled Traders Trade for You

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What a difference a day makes! Currencies fluctuating at the drop of a hat! If you are working full time and rushing from one errand to another, how can you possibly manage your trading account?

You are trying to get out of the rat race and create some more free time for youself to do the things you want to do, or to secure your future for you and your family.

Do you have the time to educate yourself in this huge industry we call the foreign currency markets or Forex trading? Have you thought about companies who deal in Managed Forex Accounts?

The companies who specialise in them have teams of traders who are skilled, educated and experienced in the field of watching and charting the movement of the money markets. This is their job. They have years of experience between them.

They don’t have to go out in rush out traffic and make it to work on time and just quickly check their trades on a trading app in their lunch hour. Or rush home and get all their chores done before they can log onto the markets.

It is their job to watch the markets, study the charts and be there on the spot when all the latest announcements hit the market.

If you feel you would like to have access to all that wealth of knowledge and have your money in one, to take advantage of the fluctuations in the daily movement of the currency markets, then do a little digging and find a company that fits within your comfort zone.

There are many companies out there offering these services but ideally you should look for a company who is based in the United Kingdom with a UK address detailed on their website. Take comfort in the knowledge that a UK company is only too well aware of the complexities that Brexit brings to the table.

Another thing to look for is, does that company have FCA regulation? FCA stands for Financial Conduct Authority and if a company is FCA regulated then you know they have to conduct themselves under certain criteria and regulations.

This should help you sleep at night and get on with your daily routine without the distraction of needing to place a buy or sell order into the market… Let the professionals deal with all that!

They offer you the skills and knowledge of experienced traders trading your account, without foreign currencies being your area of expertise.

Do your due diligence and research on the company you chose to trade your funds, rather than researching the movement of the currency markets on a day-to-day basis and placing trades into the markets yourself.

Your money stays in an account in your own name. When you have one, the company places their trades into the forex market and copies those same trades over to their client’s capital.

They may factor in a 20% risk margin and take 30% of any profits made from a profitable trade, leaving the remaining 70% profit to the client. Look for a company who doesn’t charge monthly fees and doesn’t charge fees should your funds take any losses.

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